Compagnie de theatre de la rue
«Les pouppees itinerantes de monsieur Pejo»,
qui cree ses propres ecole de masque,
represente le spectacle interactive
«Mignone» pour la public
de tous ages et classes

personnage du roman de
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
«Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre» (1795)

Le text francais n'est pas encore pret. Nous vous presentons notre excuses!

L’histoire de:
«... La performance des reevaluations, dans lequel les personnage est consciemment, par inadvertance violent la frontiere entre le theatre et le public, creant une situation provocante a la fois pour le public et les acteurs ...»
«... Le jeu dans la maniere ironique, n'est pas denuee des intonations lyriques. Il explore la question des barrieres erigees par les gens autour de la personne, et cherche des moyens de surmonter ces limites .... »
«... Le dialogue provocative entre les personnages et le public, en faisant appel aux methodes traditionnelles de theatre de rue, l'esthetique de cabaret et la logique absurde ...»
«... Le concept original d'un monde ferme ...»

Time: Night or twilight. Not earlier than 9 p.m.
Duration: 60 minutes
Montage: 3 hours
Demontage: 2 hours
Venue: 20 x 20 metres of plain area (asphalt).NOT GRASS!

DMX controlled Dimmer, 6 channels or more
DMX controler
2 x Т-light stand up to 3m. 6 fixtures on each.
10 x PAR64 spotlights with lamps CP61 ( 1 kW )
2 x floodlights 500 W
for all lights - filters ROSCO #10 Medium Yellow or similar
set of cables
the control booth is under one light stand, the other light stand is in 15 m from it

Sound system 2.5 kWatt, (mixer, amplifier, speackers) + 1 monitor on backstage

Full rider

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«St-Petersburg theatre company «Mr Pejo's wandering dolls» is very european in fact. They do not go on stilts. They are more like Comedia del'arte. They are real street comediens. They perfectly interact with the audience, play buffoons. But they hace very serious ideas and concepts in their performances.

Yalta news 7.06.2007

«The opening of Kukart international festival.Can't forget interaction with Wandering dolls»

Time out. St-Petersburg 15.06.2007

«Vikings cried on their performance»

Business Petersburg, «Always in mask» 25.04.2007

«Thanks to wandering dolls for the light»

Culture, «Festival time», Arkhangelsk 21.06.2006

«Performance of Mr Pejo's wandering dollswas really impressive»

St-Petersburg Times, «Gala night in the attic» 3.04.2003

«They are the yeast of the Carnival.They turn the show into the action, unite the audience in one person»

Prazdnik magazine, «Mr Pejo and his clever dolls», september 2001

«Uniqueness of Anna Shishkina - director of Mr Pejo's wandering dolls - is so, that she has not only reconstructed the tradition of the street theatre, but has also started to live from it, and teach others но смогла сделать ее своим реальным делом и даже научить этому делу других»

Smena «Play for the whole life» 2001

«The art of the actors, the masks, the costumes of the company Mr Pejo's wandering dolls lead the audience to the dream. To the fairy-tale for everyone, but at the same time different and meaningfull. As an art, and certainly as a street.»

http://theatre-danse.fluctuat.net/blog/693-les-racines-de-mr-pejo-saint-petersbourg-.html 19.07.2005

«These three days of the festival were full of different events. Noticeable was a performance of «Mr Pejo's wandering dolls» from St-Petersburg»

Gazeta Olsztynska, август 2004

«Mr Pejo's wandering dolls from St-Petersburg - is not just a usual clown troupe, that entertain the audience on the markets. This is a unique street theatre company, that dates back to the traditions of Renaissance and Baroque, Carnival of Venice,and even a Russian ballet...Their performances are very grotesque. The actors untiringly provoce the audience for the interaction and improvisation. Although the pain and anguish often hides under the mask of laghter, the good always wins the evil.»

Gazeta Wyborcza – Poznan, 05.07.2006

Anna Shishkina, director of Mr Pejo's wandering dolls says:

«We try to make this world better»

«I think, nowadays street festivals are very important for our country. People need them as so called theatre therapy. It will make people relax, throw out adrenaline, and come to good relation. The fest has to make peapole better»

«There is a child living inside everyone. Every child can play rapturously. Our task is to wake up the child and the thirst for the miracle.
- Are people really awaiting for the miracle?
- Undoubtedly»

Anna Shishkina

«Les pouppees itinerantes de monsieur Pejo»
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Saint-Petersburg, Russia
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Les pouppees itinerantes de monsieur Pejo
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